I take no interest in ordinary things. I have no time to spend on ordinary people and no money to spend on ordinary fashion.I look subconsciously for things that stand out. This time I found the unordinary in the shoe brand called Laura Vita. I bought a pair while in Germany, you can see it in this post, and I became very eager to collaborate with them.  

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LIBRA Wants to know what will definitely become an obstacle in your relationship with Libra? Scales do not get along with people who seem boring to them. Libras are very sociable people and they love to surround themselves with numerous friends and constantly communicate with them. No wonder that Libra loves to get close to the same sociable people like themselves. Continue Reading

Overalls have always been one of my favorite fashion items since I was a little girl. Childish and sexy is a great combination for a woman to wear on any given day. What is truly amazing about overalls though, is their history in fashion. 

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Probably nothing is more true in life than the fact that you will have to kiss a few frogs, before you meet your prince. Meeting someone is not an easy thing, and you probably expect some specific qualities from a person you’d like to date. But, let me ask you this: do you have a picture in mind of what specifically could mess up your relationship? This is a very important question for everyone: what exactly can become a stumbling block for the two of you? Continue Reading

Is matching items to get the perfect outfit so different from matching men and women to get the perfect couple? Aren’t similar principles applied to both? We know that an all black is always a success, that a an evening dress calls for elegant heels, a dull outfit would be remembered if accessorized properly, leather goes perfectly with organic textile and it goes on and on. 

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I’ve been away for a short while, sorry about that…I’ve been road tripping through Europe and I’ve been enjoying it. Going away is one of my favorite things to do, no matter the purpose. So, I’m in Austria for a day and I’m googling the places to see and what grabbed my attention was Hangar-7 in Salzburg, a museum owned by Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz to whom by the way I own my ability to stay awake through 2000 km of driving. 

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LIBRA. The Libra man loves balance, justice and serenity in his life. He also appreciates art and generally beautiful things, as he Continue Reading

Serve this for an elegant brunch or afternoon tea! The delicate flavor of avocado paired with savory smoked salmon is quite delicious. Continue Reading

ARIES. Be blunt, don’t beat around the bush. When you’re dating an Aries you need to be very clear about how things stand, so DON’T FORGET to tell him directly how things stand. And one more thing: male Aries appreciates a woman with a bossy style as he likes the tension and being kept alert. Continue Reading

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