As a single woman, you know the scene all too well: you’re sitting at the Thanksgiving table, and your grandmother wants to know when you’ll finally find a nice partner to settle down with. At your annual Christmas Eve party, your mother finds a way to bring up her lack of grandchildren to the group. You’re solo at the office holiday party; you go sans date to your best friend’s cookie exchange. And forget New Year’s Eve- the only thing you’re kissing at midnight is your pillow.
But times have changed, and women don’t need to sit at home and dwell on their lack of partners or put a ring on THAT finger to silence the crowd. Women have careers, buy homes, maintain apartments, and some are happy being alone. Check out these ways to make sure you don’t let the holiday blues – or Grandma – get you down this season.

Plan to do something that’s all your own this holiday season. Maybe you have wanted to go ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza do it solo or with a friend. You could head to a holiday movie by yourself or set aside a special time for writing holiday cards or wrapping gifts. Whatever you choose to do, big or small, make sure it’s something that will give you peace.

While everyone you know will be getting showered with some sweet present and the ‘Gram is going to be filled with photos of gift exchanges, set aside a little money in your budget to treat yourself to something luxurious. Maybe a spa gift certificate for a massage or facial later in the year or that new coat you’ve been eyeing. Top it all off with a “To Me, Love Me,” tag on the wrapping for optimal (and funny) social media reactions.

Baking is once of those things that really symbolizes holiday time, and along with it will be a cup of cheer. Try your hand at your grandma’s beloved pie, put your own spin on your aunt’s cookies, or make something all your own. Baking passes the time, but it’s also a craft that will make you feel good about the result, especially if you plan to share it with others. Unless you burn the pie. Then, maybe not.

While many holiday parties will be all about the couples, bring a close friend with you that may just be looking for a fun night out. Make up a drinking game centered around how many couples kiss under the mistletoe or take silly selfies in your best ugly Christmas sweater. Having someone by your side will make it easier to deal with being alone, but don’t keep the party between you two! Venture off and work the room during the holidays, everyone is more sensitive and inclusive.

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