On a grey lonely winter day, smell of rain in the air and sun blotted out from the sky, I did my best to fight the bad weather within. Past, present and future all merged ahead staring at me ‘til it hurt. Just like everybody else, I kept the right ones out and let the wrong ones in, I lost it and took off again over and over. On that review day I needed something to be certain of, so I resorted to style. Continue Reading

The first and most important advice Benita Cantieni gives , which is always overlooked is to start with attaining the correct posture  (just surf the net for the topic and you’ll see that everyone starts with exercises) BUT this is the biggest mistake in terms of face forming. Because you won’t achieve results without attaining the correct body posture. No way. And Benita’s first advice: “In the absence of a proper head and back muscle workout, face forming will not be effective”. You can’t have one without the other: first you need to work on you posture and then on wrinkle removal. Continue Reading

Benita Cantieni, author of an amazing face rejuvenation method (face forming) and a wise woman, wrote:

I definitely have nothing against laugh lines and honestly I can’t object to wrinkles overall.  Wrinkles grant character, contour and charm. There is no point in a woman looking 20 at 45 or looking 40 at 60. Most women wouldn’t want that anyway…Very few women feel unhappy because of the wrinkles left on their faces by the years that have gone by. Continue Reading

I felt alone and overwhelmed, I felt no one could really get me so I went to see art, because art must be in the same position as me, I figured. Standing there, surrounded by art and it suddenly struck me… Continue Reading

Schedule it into your day as you would any other appointment. And on days when time is short, do a quick high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Peak Fitness HIIT takes 20 minutes to complete a workout (see the details below), but you can also get an effective workout done in seven minutes or even four minutes (ironically, the four-minute Tabata protocol is most challenging of all). Continue Reading

When American sailors started wearing bell-bottomed trousers in the 19th century, little did they know about the reverberance the style would have over the centuries. The reasons the marines adopted them were purely utilitarian and frankly a bit weird: Continue Reading

A friend of mine I was chatting with yesterday was very indignant at the noise his neighbors were making late in the evening. He shares a wall with a young girl in her 20s who seems to be having overly loud sex. What upset my friend the most though was not the disturbing noise, rather the fact that he was sure she’s faking it. Is faking it such an offense to men that it gets them angry even if it’s with someone else on the other side of the building wall? Continue Reading

According to a 2012 study published in the journal Neuroscience (Neuroscience 2012 Jul 26;215:59-68), the “secret” to increased productivity and happiness on any given day is a long-term investment in regular exercise.1 And a little each day appears to go further than a lot once or twice a week. Continue Reading


Some people never grow up, others are born old. I’m with the first. Still a child, I don’t take myself too seriously… Continue Reading

Are you nervous about Saint Valentine’s? I know you are! I know you want it to be just right! I know that for all women out there just right means you need to find the perfect outfit and he needs to get everything else arranged just the right way! You are dating him for a reason aren’t you? The reason is-he gets things just the right way for you…so it all comes down to your responsibility, your outfit! Oh my god, that’s some pressure you’re under, but don’t panic, don’t go losing your head before you read what we’ve got prepared for you! Continue Reading