We continue with hairstyle recommendations from celebrity hairstylists Matt Fugate and Brain Fisher. Here’s what they’re recommending for this season: Continue Reading

Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate, who has worked with stars of The Bold Type and Riverdale, and his colleague Brain Fisher, also a celebrity hairstylist (he has worked with Julia Michaels and Katherine Langford), are giving out recommendations as to how we should be wearing our hair in the next three months. So check the post out for the autumn 2017 hairstyles.

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I’m finally home after a two-week holiday by the sea. Mentally I’m still there daydreaming about the careless life in the sun. Things at home are not exactly as I might have hoped for the moment so I’d rather take advantage of the small window of opportunity left to stay a bit behind. So in this post I’ll be doing some more summer outfits before skipping to the multi-layered season of the year. Continue Reading

The only thing that can ruin a good day is people.

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One of my favorite brands when it comes to elegance preserving the touch of originality is Ted Lapidus. Their selection surprises me every season as I never go out of their boutique empty-handed. If you’re having one of those very lady-like days, yet you’re not keen on looking as if you’re headed for a Buckingham Palace dinner, then I suggest you check this brand out. I, myself like elegance. As Chanel said, it never goes out of style. Elegance has modesty as one of its main components and modesty always arouses seduction (and that’s what we’re all secretly after, right?). Still I avoid conservatism at all costs. Continue Reading

Lying in the sun, having a beer, breathing in the smell of the sea, and I really start feeling all the self-motivational crap I hear from life coaches every day. Life is beautiful, each day is a miracle and other cliché lines that sound very artificial to say the least when you get up at 7am to the same concrete surroundings, city jams and yes, even the morning coffee in the same place every day can lose its magic. Continue Reading