It’s not enough that time is playing against us, we ourselves, everyday make mistakes that ruin our skin. We pull our skin in all directions when cleansing it, when applying face creams, we dry it by washing our faces under hot water. By incorrectly applying face creams and other rejuvenating  serums, not only do we decrease their efficiency, we ruin our skin. Senta Maria Runge once came with some simple but very important advice on how to correctly cleanse the skin and apply face cream. That way you will also be providing your skin with a soft massage everyday. You can turn this advice into a habit easily and gain a few more years of youth.


First of all, always imagine your skin has fish scales. We need to get underneath those fish scales by doing the correct motions. That’s why when applying face wash and face cream, your hand needs to move from the bottom to the top of your face, thus trying to get these solutions underneath those fish scales. And, just the other way around, when finishing the makeup, your motions go from the top downwards, so that the makeup looks smooth and uniformly applied.

2. Second of all, do not stretch your skin when cleansing or applying makeup. It might seem like a small thing, but remember that you’re doing that daily, and in the end quantity transforms into quality.

So, that’s how you should be doing it.

The NECK. When you’re working on your neck, lift your chin up like that CHEEKS. Working on your cheeks, you need to lower your jaw and lower lip. But, do not make an oval of your mouth, your lips should be stretched along your teeth CHIN and LIPS. Stretch your skin by drawing your chin and lip muscles apart from each other, and lower you upper lip a bitLOWER EYELIDS. When working on your lower eyelids-keep them stretched, while lowering your jaw and upper lip, remember not to make an oval of with your mouth. Twist your eye upwards a bit and hold back the skin on your temple. Work with the lower lids with one or two fingers, your motions should be directed from the outer to the inner corner of your eye (towards your nose).When working on your UPPER EYELIDS, you can raise your eyebrows a bit to stretch your upper eyelid skinThe skin on your FOREHEAD can be motionless only if you hold it with one hand, pressing it to your head while working with your other hand.
Your hands will remember all these movements, and that will turn into a habit for you. But the results you’ll be getting are absolutely amazing!

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