YES summer is on it’s way and YES we’re all dying for the hot days, warm evenings and even hotter tans. But while it’s still spring, the evenings are still chilly and turning blue and asking for blankets on terraces is not that glamorous. So unless you’ve planned to get someone out of the friend-zone by asking them to warm you up, wear that coat when you leave the house.  So Yes, a standout coat is the object of the Spring  shopping mission but a woman should never be in a hurry for anyone or anything. Therefore, take your time, walk the shops, surf the net and find what you’re keen on after all. I was not by any means in a hurry when I stumbled across this magnificent Pinko statement coat. It’s very representative of the Pinko brand overall, as the founder of the Pinko brand Pietro Negra once said he invented the brand with „just any little so and so” in mind. Their clothes always look a bit unfinished to me, yet with a futuristic design and in the end of the day it’s still state–of-the-art fashion. And moreover, it’s one of those crazy pieces that goes with a lot of things. I tried it with a Calvin Klein dress and rubber Valentino boots just for the sake of it and I did a shooting wearing a Twinset bustier, leather pants and Fratelli Rossetti high heel ankle boots.

So as far as spring coats go, that’s my final destination. Don’t be shy, feel free to tell me what you think of it in the comments below.

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