Although, the Kira Plastinina brand went bankrupt after only nine years of being on the market, I think they had some really good stuff. Whereas for nine years in a row, this business was never profitable, and losses only varied in volume from year to year, I still think that the problem was about their marketing strategy rather than the clothes they made. What I managed to salvage here is a buttonless autumn coat, non-pretentious, very easy to wear, located somewhere between street and elegant, it can really be made to work with various styles. It’s warm and comfy, and given the current circumstances –very non-expensive. As coats are the centerpiece of the autumn/winter wardrobe, it is difficult to get by with only one or two of them since they really have to always be appropriate, big enough to accommodate autumnal layers and bring any ensemble together. So aim for the cool and affordable ones but don’t forget to pay attention to the quality, ‘cause poor quality will make a coat look more like a floor rag than anything else. But if you really do the searching part, I’m sure you’ll get just as lucky and find something cool, qualitative and non-expensive. Hey, maybe search the net for some other brands that bankrupting right now-turns out those are golden sources for wardrobe renewal:)

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