Ruins are the best ground for building a masterpiece. If that’s true, then the place I’m in has got a lot of fucking potential. And today, I’m not looking for beautiful places to take pics, today I’m simply walking the streets and stopping at a building that resembles all others. I always admired the color black. It has sobriety, personality, it’s got the necessary and the sufficient, in a word-everything. When in doubt, you have to know that all-black guarantees impeccable style. And let’s hope that Coco Chanel was right, and if dressed impeccably, they won’t remember the clothes of a woman or the ruins surrounding her, just the woman.

For a spring day like this, when whether changes more times throughout the day than a woman’s mind, I chose to go with a knitted ensemble. But, had this outfit been of any other color, it wouldn’t have had half the effect it produces in black. Had it been, say blue or red, it would have been playful, childish. Black is elegant. Black turns heads. Velvet is still going strong for the warm season, so I went for these Trussardi velvet bow moccasins (similar here) to complement the black knitted Patrizia Pepe turtleneck (similar here) and pedicure pants (similar here). This simple, yet chic look is a must-have for Spring. It’ll save you on many occasions, trust me on that. All-black is never going to be something that’s just been lying around for the past few years. There’re always days when you don’t want to wear anything else.

Fashion aside (although it never is :)), I hope you’re going through positive changes, breathing in the sunny air and breathing out everything that’s been bothering you during the cold season. I would love to hear from you in the comments and see you with the next post in a couple of days!


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