Who should you listen to when it comes to eye lid exercises?

Well, the answer is: to everyone!

Who should we follow?

Our own intuition!

That is the only attitude that will produce results.

If you follow your sensations, you’ll learn to communicate with your muscles and you’ll be working with them not for them. There are 3 important rules:

  • Take one step at a time. You have to do the exercises regularly, but not too much at a time.
  • Watch your face carefully: if what you see are positive results, then continue working. This way, you’ll see for yourselves how often you need to do them and whether or not to increase exertion.
  • Never pull your muscles. As soon as they wake up and tone up, you’ll start feeling how they move from within. This feeling comes sooner to some and later to others, but it’s only you who can make friends with your face and truly understand what and when is it you should do. So, make friends with your face, rather than your coaches.

So, first of all you need to know what muscles you want to train and you need to know what motions will reactivate these muscles.  Today, we are going to work on the circular muscles around the eyes and the forehead muscles or the frontalis muscles. You will want to perform the exercises in front of the mirror.  The eye muscle or orbicularis oculi is made up of two sections. The section closer to the eye is trained by gentle contractions, while the outer section is activated by harder and more forceful contractions.  So, what we are going to do is open up our eyes like you see in the video, pushing the eyebrows up with our index fingers. And we start blinking gently. To activate the entire eye muscle, we bling more forcefully.

You can also improve it by contracting the outer muscles of the eye. So, pull it back like this, and contract quite strenuously, but not too strenuously so you don’t generate contractions and wrinkles in other areas of your eyes. Of course, doing these exercises might generate frown lines. There are exercises that can prevent them from emerging, but we’ll talk about them next time.

Now, one exercise to strengthen the section under the eyebrows. The exercise is designed to work against forehead lines, but it is very helpful in strengthening the muscle around the eyes. So, put three fingers like this, press firmly and then lift. Under your fingers here you should be feeling the muscle moving up and down. The muscle shouldn’t move in the middle, only along the sides. And that way, we exercise this area to lift, to give you that lift around your eye. These are very specific exercises and you really have to master them and do them correctly, otherwise you might start developing wrinkles.  Hold a maximum exertion for about 5-6 seconds, then remove the fingers from your forehead, and try to feel how your muscles totally relax. Repeat the exercises 4-5 times, at intervals of 2-3 seconds between exertions. You need to see the muscles of the forehead moving slightly up and down, never frown. While doing this exercise, open your mouth a bit. Press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth.

This was all for today

Don’t forget: listen to everyone.

Follow your intuition.

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