Celebrity hairstylist Matt Fugate, who has worked with stars of The Bold Type and Riverdale, and his colleague Brain Fisher, also a celebrity hairstylist (he has worked with Julia Michaels and Katherine Langford), are giving out recommendations as to how we should be wearing our hair in the next three months. So check the post out for the autumn 2017 hairstyles.

Matt Fugate says Kerry Washington’s blunt cut is a great option for those with fine hair because the shape gives the hair more body. However, if you have wavy hair, Brain Fisher says this works with it, too. Fugate adds that your stylist should use scissors to cut your hair and add ” just a few layers, if any.”

This pixie “really can work for most,” Fugate says. If you have longer hair, you just have to be ready for a big chop. “If you and your stylist are feeling confident, I would razor cut this entire cut as short as you can,” Fugate adds. Using a razor helps add softness to the cut.
Fisher suggests this gorgeous lob for those with thick, wavy hair. “Ask for the illusion of one length but have some weight removed from the under layers,” he says.
Fugate likes to call this the “modern bowl cut.” Why? “It’s a graduated bowl cut [where] beauty is in the imperfection,” he explains. His alternate name for it: “cool girl’s haircut.” (A smart statement on his part, seeing as his wife is rocking a similar cut at the moment.) Fugate says this works best on those with straight hair and angular faces.
Like a pixie, a buzzcut works on just about everyone, Fugate says. Let this summer of buzzcuts serve as evidence of this. Your stylist will have to break out the clippers for this one. Make sure they “follow your head shape and make it all the same length,” he says.

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