Two hits of the 2017 summer season: the bodysuit and the high waist palazzo pants. They are the perfect combination for that “hourglass shape” figure you’ve been aiming for. The cuts on the side are a bonus for those of you ladies who like to reveal a little skin. I paired them with roman sandals which by the way are the best choice for “sexy” if you’re not in the mood for heels. The biker jacket will go perfectly with this outfit when it gets chilly in the evening. However, if you’re petit DO NOT wear these pants, even with heels they’ll make you look lower and fuller so stick to your guns which are the skinny or baggy pants or whatever just don’t ruin it all by adhering to this trend. It’s your clothes that must follow your body, not the other way around. Remember Lauren Hutton’s words: “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers, style is what you choose”.


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