When it comes to natural products that will slow down the skin ageing process, people always think: argan oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and tea tree oil if it’s hair care you’re thinking about.
However, very recently scientists discovered that it is cacay oil that has the strongest effect on skin. Clarissa Patterson, a beauty expert I learned a lot from in terms of skin care, says its effects are absolutely amazing. What’s the secret behind it?

CACAY OIL is one of the best natural sources for vitamin A, called tretinoin. Until recently, it was considered that the best natural source of vitamin A  is the Chilean rosehip seed oil. But, listen to this: the concentration of vitamin A in the Chilean rosehip amounts to 0.357% while in Cacay oil it goes 1% and up.

ACAY OIL is saturated with linoleic acid. And linoleic acid is the reason we fell in love with argan oilin the first place, as it is one of the most irreplaceable fatty acids that is a very important element for your healthy skin. When there is a deficiency of fatty acids in the body, it is first of all reflected on the skin-it gets red, peels and becomes dry and irritated. It turns out that the concentration of linoleic acid in CACAY OIL is twice higher than that in argan oil.

CACAY OIL provides the body with a considerable supply of vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol). Argan oil used to be the first resort when it came to vitamin E as well. But, CACAY OIL contains 50% more vitamin E than argan oil, and vitamin E not only nourishes and regenerates the skin, but is also a powerful anti-oxidant. CACAY OIL reduces the signs of aging. This oil was acknowledged as the nr. 1 anti-aging natural face care resource. Massage one or two drops of CACAY OIL into the lines or wrinkles around your eyes, between the eyebrows, on the cheeks and other problem areas, and you will see the improving results in 2-3 weeks.

CACAY OIL helps reduce scars and stretch marks. Just massage a couple of drops into your flaw areas as part of your daily face care routine. Even if the scars don’t completely disappear, they will become almost invisible.

CACAY OIL ensures deep nourishment to the skin and hair. Even if the wrinkles, scars and stretch marks are not a problem for you, you can still include CACAY OIL into your daily face care routine. Just put a drop or two into your daily spoon of coconut oil, sweet almond oil or Babassu oil or any other face care product in order to supply the necessary vitamins and irreplaceable fatty acids to your face. You can also add a drop or two to your shampoo or conditioner to nourish your scalp and get that shiny hair you’ve always wanted.

Buyers indicate in their reviews that this oil carries actual effects, makes the skin softer and hydrated, fills it from within, softens the lines and creates a better base for foundation application. There are no negative seide effects to this oil, no retinol-related rashes have been signaled by the reviewers.

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