One of my favorite brands when it comes to elegance preserving the touch of originality is Ted Lapidus. Their selection surprises me every season as I never go out of their boutique empty-handed. If you’re having one of those very lady-like days, yet you’re not keen on looking as if you’re headed for a Buckingham Palace dinner, then I suggest you check this brand out. I, myself like elegance. As Chanel said, it never goes out of style. Elegance has modesty as one of its main components and modesty always arouses seduction (and that’s what we’re all secretly after, right?). Still I avoid conservatism at all costs. It’s boring and it ages you. Adding up all of the above, I find Ted Lapidus to suit my preferences with the very street-style elegance that its range of fashion displays. It’s not one of the most democratic brands in terms, still during the sales season the prices are quite affordable. As for this dress I decided to put on today, the moment I saw it I said “sold”. It’s tight enough to show I’m a woman, but elegant enough to show I’m a lady. The wedges are also Ted Lapidus and I’m absolutely in love with them. One of the most amazing pair of shoes I’ve ever worn, and that’s the truth.
That’s it for today. Thank you for visiting and please let me know what you think about the outfit and if you would wear it.

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