Perfection lies in the attention to detail. When details are organically combined with each other – beauty arises. When details are organically combined in the kitchen-true culinary masterpieces arise. In today’s recipe, I simply add a few details to the yogurt with berries and create a completely wonderful taste. Just try it and you’ll see how crispy macadamia nuts, cinnamon and lemon juice add a new flair to a simple breakfast. Continue Reading

There is one answer that the beauty industry gives to the question: what to do with skin pigmentation? And that answer is hydroquinone. And indeed, in cosmetics it is used in tanning products and hair dye. In cosmetic medicine – for skin whitening and as a remedy against pigmentation. But there are so many side effects associated with this substance that I recommend thinking twice before deciding in its favor. Besides everything else that we’ve learned about hydroquinone in recent years, it turns out that in fact hydroquinone destroys skin cells and inevitably leads to its aging. Sometimes, the use of hydroquinone stimulates pigmentation, and the face appears bruised, because the spots that occur are rather dark. And the saddest thing is that such a skin condition is quite difficult to correct. Just google this question more carefully if you still doubt the undesirable effects of this substance. Continue Reading

When I was writing my previous article about staying young and beautiful for a long time, I thought about this: you will tell me that there are women who do not bother with all these rules, and still look amazing. And, yes, of course – some people are born with excellent genes, and it is easier for them to dodge health and  appearance issues. But only very few are that lucky. Everyone else has to make an effort to keep looking great. Otherwise, you’re in trouble! The good news is that any woman can look amazing and young if she doesn’t let her appearance go on its own and daily follows these basic, rejuvenating rules.

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Need a little comfort food? This warming dish is just the thing! Continue Reading

After I’ve posted the previous face exercises, many of you have asked me for a video on cheek lift exercises, and most importantly, how to correct the arising asymmetry of the face caused by sagging cheeks.
Before we go directly into the exercises, a few important tips: Continue Reading

Serve this for an elegant brunch or afternoon tea! The delicate flavor of avocado paired with savory smoked salmon is quite delicious. Continue Reading

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Homemade mayonnaise is a crucial ingredient to this recipe as well as for a few others that I posted previously. Today I’m handing over to you folks the recipe for a healthy and tasty homemade mayonnaise. Both recipes are a living proof that good fat can taste great! And a tip: only use high quality oil when preparing your mayonnaise! Continue Reading


As trivial as it might sound, the best sun protection out there is about wearing hats, sunglasses and clothes. You can also rely on zinc oxide and astaxanthin in that respect. And then there is sunscreen, which you shouldn’t actually rely on. For decades, doctors and media have been recommending the use of sunscreen before going outside. Why then, one might wonder, the incidence of cancer cases has increased dramatically since people started using sunscreen? Well, all these specialists avoid talking about the specific types of sunscreen that are actually efficient for their purpose. How often have you heard recommendations on how to efficiently “use” sunscreen in order to protect yourself from skin cancer and at the same time increase levels of vitamin D, which is so important for your health and plays a vital role in preventing melanoma. 

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