I just can’t help but write about cats and dogs one in a while! Two days ago I got myself a Corgi puppy and it’s the funniest little thing, I just love him! So I wanted to share some of that joy with you guys by posting these cutest cross breeds you’ll ever see! Are you familiar with them? I would love to see your pets, so go right ahead and post some pics with your favorite pets by clicking the You Post! Continue Reading

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The internet has a lot of bullshit written around, but these are all facts that I have checked with my own pets at home. Yep…all true! Continue Reading

There is the traditional approach: light, sparing diet for our household pets when they suffer of GI tract disorder and diarrhea, consisting of boiled, white chicken meat or veal. But not all experts agree with this recommendation, coming forward with better solutions.
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Have you ever considered that healthy food for humans can not only be toxic but even deadly to your household pets? Try and write down a list of foods you give to your pets, just for the sake of it and then read the article and compare your list to what scientists have concluded. Let me know about your results in the comments.

So let’s get down to the matter at hand. Two researchers at the University of Milan in Italy compiled a list of human foods that cause the most pet poisonings worldwide. Continue Reading

They never complain. They suffer in silence and go through all misfortunes with dignity and we wake up when it’s too late. We lose our furry friends forever because we didn’t pay any attention to these signs in time. Continue Reading