My cat, Rafael, chose my outfit for today…and I think he did a really good job  It turns out he has quite a sense of fashion that I think he developed during the years when he assisted my dressing-up process by climbing into the closet and making himself cozy under my clothes. So today I decided to follow his steps and see how good he really is at picking outfits. 

As I would take one piece of clothing he was sitting on, he’d go and make himself comfortable on yet a different one. So I would take that one as well. And so, item by item I ended up with an outfit that turned out to be greatly matched and just as suitable for day and night alike. So, in this post, I suggest a look that will get all eyes on you irrespective of where it is you headed for. Going for a walk? Or to the mall? Perhaps to the club or for a couple with beers to the pub with friends? This outfit will still work, because it combines simplicity with edginess.

So what are the ingredients for today’s look?
-Burberry shoes (amazing design by the way)
-Liu Jo uneven hem jeans (in the spotlight this season)
-Armani Jeans easy-going t-shirt
-HTC harsh leather/metal belt
-perfect fluffy top winter cap
-Guess jeans and faux fur multi-colored jacket

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