Coco Chanel once discovered that the sexiest in a woman is the man inside her (no, not that you naughty kids!). It’s the Yin and Yang within, the opposites that are complimentary and it is actually the masculine which emphasizes the feminine in a woman. So, Coco’s fashion was often times inspired from what men around her wore, and such is the case of the now legendary tweed jacket. Tweed used to be worn by Victorian aristocrats when hunting due to it being warm, light and partly waterproof. Chanel actually took inspiration for this trend from her lover, Duke of Westminster, after borrowing his sportswear. Being an aristocratic fabric from its very beginnings, tweed demands elegance. The House of Chanel tries to play on contrast by making the skirts shorter. I hate short skirts. Instead, I love wide leg trousers or palazzo pants, which were also introduced by Coco Chanel. So I checked out from reality for a little bit there and put together the classic tweed jacket with cotton knit palazzo pants and sneakers. I accessorized with my favorite Kangol cap and an Elisabetta Franchi necklace. Walking a fine line between classic and casual, I know the only rule in fashion is that there are no rules. Everything that feels right is right. Hope you liked today’s look, don’t forget to let me know in the comments, take risks in fashion and in life and see you next time…XOXO

Tweed with Corina ApresMidiTweed with Corina ApresMidiTweed with Corina ApresMidiTweed with Corina ApresMidiTweed with Corina ApresMidi

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