I recently purchased this small device and I absolutely love it. I should have gotten one years ago, works fabulous! I don’t know how I lived all this years without it. I was hesitant to buy it because of the price, but after one use I found my skin to be softer and brighter than ever! I have been using the Сlarisonic face wash that comes in the box and I love it! I have also been using the radiance brush head because the bristles are so soft! My only complaint is that when replacing the brush heads, it can be difficult to get the brush head to attach correctly to Clarisonic. Also, after the first use, I still had black heads around my nose and chin. I was kind of disappointed, but hopefully over the next few weeks Clarisonic will help get rid of those! I have an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. I only break out in my T-zone and Clarisonic made my pores smaller and tighter along with reducing the acne. It removes makeup residue, exfoliates, and leaves my skin feeling softer and more supple than ever before!  If you are hesitant about buying this product, I highly recommend it and I don’t think you’ll regret it! I was really surprised how much I really like it!

I think the Aria is much more suitable for people who only seek to use the device at home, and the Mia and Mia 2 for people who would like to be able to bring their device on trips.

The magnetic charging system means you can take the scrubber into the shower if you so desire- a nice feature that the lower-end brands and models don’t offer.I love the timer function, as I rely on it and follow the suggested cleansing cycle: the forehead for 20 seconds, the nose and chin area for another 20, and finally 10 seconds for each check.  It’s programmed to run for a total of one minute, and it beeps each time you need to move to a new zone.

I used the gentler brushes that came with it for a few weeks but eventually switched to the deep cleaning ones. I use it twice a day. Occasionally I feel it’s a little too much for more delicate areas of my face (mostly cheekbone) so I might skip that area for a day or two. I used the little bottle of cleanser that came with it but have since switched permanently to Clinique rinse off foaming cleanser which I find to be a great match, Kiehls face wash, Dr Oz facial cleanser. I lather up my face with that almost as a pre-wash, then use the Clarisonic, then rinse. I use it in the shower a few times a week with my normal facial skin cleanser.

I also like that the heads can easily be changed for different users or for using heads made for different skin types.

I like the two speeds, it has an international charger and most important a hard case for travel which protects it. The color was irrelevant. What I would say if you have sensitive or delicate skin get the DELICATE brush head as the SENSITIVE one is a tad harsh (SENSITIVE CLEANSING BRUSH). DEEP PORE CLEANSING BRUSH for for deep, daily cleansing (help clear and minimize the appearance of pores, sweeps away oil and debris for clear, healthy skin).

.It’s the only way to get ALL the makeup off my face. I use toner when I’m done and there’s never any makeup on the cotton pad!

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