The idea of this post was to honor one of the year’s main trends- trench coats. So I chose one of my favorites, completed it with an all-black look underneath, and grabbed my black beret that goes with almost everything. I got in the car with my boyfriend and we were off to the photo shoot (the Instagram boyfriend has become a linguistic coin by now, since we all know who’s behind those fabulous it-girls turning street style into looks we all worship). He wanted to shoot the autumn ambiance and we were driving towards the forested places of the country while I was picking on my him for the nothings he always does or doesn’t do. He was dodging my reproaches by smiling and complementing me while I would let it go for a couple of minutes and then start again as I would remember that my objections to his demeanor hadn’t been taken seriously. All in all, it was a usual, happy Sunday afternoon…until…I got a phone call which made it all turn to black. I won’t go into the details of it, I’ll only say that it was related to two of the animals I was caring for and trying to get adopted. The persons who took the kittens under temporary care called to tell me they had died. Although they had all the explanations in the world of how it all happened through no fault of their own, I was surely witnessing one more instance of human indifference towards other beings. It made no sense in fighting with them because there was nothing I could do to turn back time and turn them back to life. There it was: anger, disappointment in humankind, shock, frustration, guilt, sadness altogether. My boyfriend naturally suggested we forget the photo shoot and go home but I’m used to finishing what I started. I tried to stay strong, hopefully I managed to convey the fashion sense I had in mind when I walked out the door and namely: trenches are IT right now, they are stylish, they will make you look sophisticated and you can afford to wear something very simple underneath and still impress. A long trench with a belt will make you look taller and slimmer and make sure that you do not only stand out but stay remembered.

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