I find that most often passion is the art of weak men. Strong men, as strange as it may appear, know how to love but they know little about passion. That is why beautiful women who are, by nature awarded the possibility of choice, are found next to weak men. This raises a question mark in everyone’s mind, as it would seem natural that they would cast their choice on the strong men. But who can ask of a woman to refuse passion, moreover that it is so easily confused with strength. This is one of the rare states where attributing meaning to life is effortless and not artificial, so that oftentimes in a person’s life, passion comes to represent the meaning of life in itself. Shakespeare’s “Life is a tale…told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” is a general feeling everyone gets, provided they are not completely brainless. Those who are brave or stupid enough to try and overcome this condition, usually lead more eventful lives, and in the best case scenario, they end up being wise. In the worst-dead. Luckily, those who try are in the minority so our race in general is neither at risk of dying out nor of becoming wise. So, having said all of the above, I believe that fashion is a far safer passion for women to take up. And in this line of thought, I would like to suggest the style below to your consideration.

I paired these Liu Jo ripped hem jeans (similar affordable here) with the Burberry mid-calf knitted boots (similar here), which are at huge discounts now by the way!!! But this time I added a Sportmax Code velvet sweatshirt (similar and affordable here). Velvet is one my favorite fabrics and it’s very trendy this year so I’m making the most of it. Dark velvet does not go well with lighter colors though, such combination would cheapen the entire look. So I went dark from head to toe. On top, I added the quilted Zara velvet jacket. It looks very elegant due to the fabric. And the French beret seemed like a good match to the elegance of the shoes and jacket.

This is all for today, don’t forget to let me know if you’d wear this style in the comment, you can easily shop the post below and see you next time, for more velvet I think 🙂

jeans and velvetjeans and velvetjeans and velvet


Ripped hem jeans

Mid-calf knitted boots similar here

Sportmax Code velvet sweatshirt similar and affordable here

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