Those shabby muscles on the arms are very annoying, and what is worse, the natural decrease in muscle-mass begins around age 30. But, there are things we can do about it. My advice to you: include isometric exercises into your daily routine in order to avoid the decrease of biceps and triceps mass in time. Many researches have shown that with the help isometric exercises you can increase the mass and strength of your muscles.The step-by-step routine for your ideal biceps and triceps area.

  1. Step one: dry exfoliation of the skin is very efficient in preventing shabby skin. You can use either a natural massage brush or a loofah glove and apply round motions to your hands and arms as demonstrated in the video.

2.  Step two: take a shower.

3. Step three: after you’ve taken a shower, apply oil to your body- I recommend the Miraculous Dry Body Oil from Victoria”s Secret. It’s really good. It contains argan oil, grapeseed oil and the traditional Tahitian Monoï oil, very efficient in hydrating the skin. Due to its excellent composition, this oil does not leave any grease marks on the skin, and it has an excellent scent. Or you can prepare your home-made oil composition to apply after shower. You need to mix 1 tea-spoon of sea buckthorn oil, 1 tea-spoon of black castor oil, 10 drops of Marula oil and 1 tea-spoon of oil containing Vitamin A.

4. After having applied the oil, start the exercises. There are a lot of sources for isometric exercises technique online. For example, in his book “Functional isometric contraction”, Bob Hoffman suggests doing 12 holds of isometric exercises during a time-length of 1-2 minute. For the arms and chest muscles he suggests doing the routine I’m demonstrating in the video. If you’re a beginner then do holds of 5-6 seconds several times a day, every day. For more advanced practitioners, you can do holds of 10-12 seconds. And you will soon see the results.

5. After you’ve done the exercises you need to apply cream on your biceps and triceps area: first, a small amount of therapeutic cream, for instance Naturopathica Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum or Benestem Human CBCM Cream. Stem cells are a revolutionary discovery when it comes to fighting time and age, and researchers have come up with stem cell therapy as an excellent approach to skin rejuvenation.

6. And then, apply a small amount of hydrating cream, for instance Caldrea Coconut Fig Leaf Body Crème.

By the way, these exercises will get you more beautiful breasts as well. Nature has not provided for muscles for the mammary gland, but if you stimulate the growth of your chest muscles (pectoralis major) you can get a noticeable breast lift.

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