The first and most important advice Benita Cantieni gives , which is always overlooked is to start with attaining the correct posture  (just surf the net for the topic and you’ll see that everyone starts with exercises) BUT this is the biggest mistake in terms of face forming. Because you won’t achieve results without attaining the correct body posture. No way. And Benita’s first advice: “In the absence of a proper head and back muscle workout, face forming will not be effective”. You can’t have one without the other: first you need to work on you posture and then on wrinkle removal. It’s the same as when you’re acquiring a new language: you start by learning the alphabet and then you can start writing novels. A good, anatomically correct posture renders beauty. Besides, it directly impacts your well-being. So start with the beginning.

First exercise from Benita Cantieni for a correct posture:

Take the “tailor’s pose” on the floor or on a meditation pillow. Sit straight on you sciatic bone so that the tailbone is a continuation of the seat. You must feel that your spine is getting longer, that you yourself are getting longer.

Stretch your spine, pull it upwards: from the tailbone trough the sacral bone, the vertebrae of the pectoral segment, to the neck. Feel the line of your spinal cord going through your skull. Now concentrate on this spot in the back of your head. Imagine that you are hanging from a thread, like a marionette.

Lower your shoulders, down, back and outwards and actively relax while still hanging from that thread. You need to overcome the impulse of sinking when you hear the word “relax”. Whenever you relax in order to restore yourself during the day, whether you are at the office, in your car, on the playground, in a theater or in church, you need to remember that the state of relaxation implies a straight, stretched spine. Give yourself some time, try to sense your length. Try to reach a common understanding with gravity, try to go into it instead of it pushing down on you. The better you manage to maintain the back of your head in a vertical position, free and relaxed, the lighter your head will feel. The head does weigh an average of 6 kg, still it will feel like it’s floating through the air. Weightless and gentle.

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