There is a big problem for all women who want to improve on how they look: there are too many systems/methods of face exercising out there, it’s hard to gain an understanding thereof.  It is very important to know which ones get you the best results. Here are several rules that I follow:

Rule 1. It is better to follow the founders of methods. Beside the fact that you are guaranteed to have reasoning behind every move and accurate performance of the exercises, the founders also know how to explain it properly.

Rule 2. Amongst numerous approaches, the best ones are those that are based on the principle of isometry.

Rule 3. It is important that you are not zealous in stretching your muscles-when performing exercises you need to listen and sense how the muscle actually moves inside, you want  the muscle to actually stretch on account of inner thought and willpower rather than on account of outside effort. It’s like the muscle starts listening to your commands. This can be achieved gradually of course, but you’ll get there for sure. You’ll get there on one condition- you need to focus on it, you need to think about it while exercising, you need to strive towards that goal, and one day you’ll wake up being able to do this. You’ll be able to have an inner conversation with your face muscles and guide the needed movements, and that is the highest reward for patience and consistency.

Who are the founders?

There are several of them, and you can find them listed on different websites.

How do you determine whom you need to follow?

A lot needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a method, I recommend you start by considering the following:

  1. If you’re 25-30 years old it is best that you start with Benita Cantieni’s face forming. By practicing this method, you’ll learn to sense and guide your face muscles and you’ll be maintaining your face in the right shape. The outcome is noticeable right away: just do the routine once and you’ll immediately see how you face becomes fresh, tightened and shining.
  2. But if you’re over 50, the changes are showing on your face quite visibly and you haven’t worked on your face appearance up to this moment then Santa Maria Runge’s face lifting is what you need. Almost everything that has been neglected up until now (pouches, drooping eyelids, nasolabial folds) is guaranteed to improve. You might encounter the following issue: the exercises are strong and while mastering them you might notice an asymmetry between the right and left sides of your face. But this should not determine you to give up exercising, as this routine is very efficient (proved by numerous followers of Runge’s system): you just need to do everything gradually, do not force yourself and carefully watch the changes that occur on your face as you advance.
  3. So, Cantieni is the best help if you want to learn to sense your face and control it via thoughts. Runge is the best help in repairing the issues that have been long time neglected. You also have different exercises devised by Carole Maggio, Carolyn Cleaves ad others. The Australian Serene Lim has a very interesting approach to face exercises. Clarissa Patterson is a woman I learned a lot from in this respect. It is not necessary that you stick to one method your entire life. After you’ve strengthened your face and awakened your muscles, you can start experimenting with other methods as well. It will be rather easy to determine what’s yours and what’s not. After having practiced face exercises long enough, you’ll end up with a routine tailored to your needs, based on the different systems you’ve tried.

So, always favor method founders; always favor isometric exercises, they are logical, most efficient and will not lead you to unexpected and undesired effects. Do not stretch your muscles, learn to move them step by step, do not hasten the process, try to sense muscles from within. Connect your guiding thoughts to your face muscles. They will most certainly become obedient, and the harmony between yourself and your face muscles will ensure an unbelievable result.

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