Benita Cantieni, author of an amazing face rejuvenation method (face forming) and a wise woman, wrote:

I definitely have nothing against laugh lines and honestly I can’t object to wrinkles overall.  Wrinkles grant character, contour and charm. There is no point in a woman looking 20 at 45 or looking 40 at 60. Most women wouldn’t want that anyway…Very few women feel unhappy because of the wrinkles left on their faces by the years that have gone by.

The actual problem lies in those saggy cheeks and droopy eyelids. The mouth corners of the person that has always enjoyed a good laugh are drawn downwards by lateral folds and the face gets that sulky expression. The tear bags under the eyes make it motionless. And every minute, every moment the face lines are filling with tiredness and stress. The habit of frowning or wrinkling up the nose causes wrinkles that can be easily avoided. The neck becomes more and more wrinkled and the double chin more and more visible.

But you can fight back. All of this can be defeated. An incorrect head positioning and flabby muscles are to blame. Muscles that people don’t even know exist and thus don’t use them. Muscles we

simply don’t know how to use. Muscles you don’t even suspect you have.

These muscles can be activated. Purposefully. Very easily. All you need is a bit of time and some discipline. If you start today, in three weeks the latest you’ll be hearing those first compliments…

(to be continued…)

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