Is matching items to get the perfect outfit so different from matching men and women to get the perfect couple? Aren’t similar principles applied to both? We know that an all black is always a success, that a an evening dress calls for elegant heels, a dull outfit would be remembered if accessorized properly, leather goes perfectly with organic textile and it goes on and on. 

Isn’t it the same with people? Don’t we know our own colors and shapes and why is it so difficult to find the matching colors and shapes in others? If we women can go into a store and chose the perfect outfit from head to toe in 10 minutes why does it take many of us a lifetime of choosing the perfect man? I found this dress at one of my favorite brands, Twinset, as many of you already know, and I knew instantly it called for a monochrome bodysuit underneath, and I knew it had to be black. The texture of the dress is too thick to apply it directly to the skin, it would loose the charm and would look very plain. I needed shoes for the outfit so the other day, shopping in a mall in Germany, I stumble across this eye-catching store, Laura Vita, which turns out to be my newest discovery when it comes to shoe brands. They have this province meets modern, twisted approach and I loved it. And in less than five minutes I discover the shoes that turn out to be the perfect match for the outfit. Accessorizing with a pair of metal-framed Dior shades and there you go, the perfect outfit – romantic, elegant, nonchalant. But when it comes to men, I have no fucking idea what I’m doing, is he a match or not, is he emphasizing my strengths or is he ruining all that I’ve got going on? I mean sure, I can immediately tell if your shoes and belt match but I’ve got no idea if you and I match. All of this makes me wonder, maybe fashion and style are something we master and relationships with other people are just lessons that we continuously learn, knowing that we might never get to the end of the textbook…


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