The waves of the sea make me go back to me, so when the proposal came “let’s hit the road for a trip to the sea” I didn’t think twice. I think I hallucinated the person who suggested the idea though, because he was our loyal chauffeur back and forth and then just like a loyal chauffeur he would disappear from the sight as not to be of any disturbance. Still, my friends and I were happy to be by the sea. Everyone’s soul needed a talk with the sea and we gave into it. 

About fashion that fits. Fashion always comes back…in a slightly different form and shape…what about the case when fashion comes back exactly as it once was. Elisabetta Franchi decided to channel the exact version of the well-recognized red Baywatch suit (similar here and here; affordable here and here) where the high-cut bottom hikes things way up to your hips to bare it all, adding the golden logo belt. I loved it and I needed it in my life. It’s great for both petite and tall ladies, it will make your legs visually longer but it will bring out the extra layers on your body as well. So this awesome and light-stealing swimsuit is a must but you have to prepare for it. You have to drop that extra weight in order for it to reach its effect and fit you perfectly!

Now, about men that don’t fit. Those of you who watched my instastory about his type well, you already know. If you felt sick the previous evening and the next morning he calls or writes by starting the conversation with a topic that concerns him solely and is a personal interest of his, then you should know, if you agree to date him, you’ll be no more than one of his personal interests. So don’t complain later 🙂 My advice to you about such men (i.e. self-involved, self-centered) leave them somewhere by the sea!



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