So, moving on with our first date inspiration…

Your perfect first date, Libra
Artsy date:
Libras love to surround themselves with beauty and culture, they love learning about new things and admiring gorgeous sites! Heading to an art gallery or exhibition for your first date would make a Libra’s day! Organizing something so in line with their personalities will have Libra falling head over heels for you!
Your perfect first date, Scorpio
Date at the bar:
Scorpios love cool, relaxed places, where they can really open up, so going for a few drinks would be perfect! Another great thing about going to a bar is that the date is quite casual and there isn’t lots of added pressure which will allow you both to feel more comfortable in each other’s company.
Your perfect first date, Sagittarius
Classy and cultured:
Sagittarius’ are real culture lovers, they adore expanding their knowledge on various topics, including history. We have a few propositions to get your Sagittarius date falling for you, you could organize a visit to a museum and learn about a historical era, or you could plan a dinner date eating a foreign cuisine! Your Sagittarius date will love both ideas!
Your perfect first date, Capricorn
Low-key date:
Our Capricorn friends are the most laid-back of the zodiac, they really love to just go with the flow and hate anything overcomplicated and extravagance! The key to their heart can be found by organizing a simple picnic in the park or even on the beach. Picnicking will give the chance to cuddle up to your date whilst sampling your homemade sandwiches!
Your perfect first date, Aquarius
Movie date:
Aquarius’ are real movie buffs, we can guarantee you that your Aquarius date has never missed out on a single opening night for a hit film! Check out the movie theater for any upcoming, groundbreaking movies, your Aquarius Valentine won’t want to miss out on it! So grab your snacks and your 3-D glasses and head to the movie theater.
Your perfect first date, Pisces
Bank on the laughs:
The key to a Pisces’ heart is through humor and there is no better formula for a successful date than making your date explode with laughter. To take the pressure off of your shoulders, book tickets for a comedy club in your town and enjoy some drinks whilst enjoying the show and your date for that matter!


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