Planning a date is difficult, we want to make a good impression and often want to do something a little out of the ordinary to avoid the whole dinner and movie status quo scenario. There are hundreds of ideas for a successful date, so why not step away from the conventional, stop being like everybody else and do something a little more creative? Your date will definitely be impressed.
We know that first dates can be stressful, so we’ve taken the pressure off and have prepared an awesome first date guide, based on your date’s zodiac!

Your perfect first date, Aries
Take me out to the ball game:
Aries are known for their sporty and active personalities! They love nothing more than some good, healthy competition, so indulge their go-getting personalities and take your date to a sporting event! Whilst the weather is good, why not get tickets for a football or baseball match? Your Aries date will love the idea!
Your perfect first date, Taurus
Expensive date:
Taurus personalities love the high life, fine dining and expensive shopping sprees really are their favorite activities. Taurus’ love being pampered and getting dressed up, so what better than a day wine tasting in the gorgeous sun with your Taurus date? They’ll absolutely love the activity; if your budget is a little restricting do it at home!
Your perfect first date, Gemini
Hit up the bowling alley:
Yes, bowling is an old-school activity, but a fun one nonetheless and one that Geminis will love. A game of bowling will give you the opportunity to have a beer and get to know each other better. Bowling alleys are always busy, so this will take the edge of a little bit and ease any first date nerves. When we are comfortable, we open up more, which is why a game of bowling is ideal for a first date.
Your perfect first date, Cancer
Dinner for two:
Cancers love intimacy and being able to establish a connection with someone. What better way than a romantic dinner to be able to get to know someone on a deeper level? Cooking and preparing the dinner together would be a fantastic idea, as it will get you working together and no doubt flirting! Enjoy your beautiful summer evening!
Your perfect first date, Leo
Take your date out dancing:
Leos are very sensual personalities and love flirting with their dates! Take flirting one step further and organize a salsa class or lesson with your Leo date. Salsa dancing will give you the chance to get up close and personal and look deeply into each other’s eyes whilst busting out some of your sexiest Latin moves! ¡Qué calor!
Your perfect first date, Virgo
Calm and enchanting date:
Virgos love nothing more than being calm and tranquil! They take their spirituality and well-being very seriously, so noisy environments on a first date just aren’t for them, instead organize a trip to the local aquarium. Take a leisurely stroll and escape the heat, whilst admiring the beautiful surroundings. You’ll even have plenty of time for conversation, in between looking at the marine lifе.

(To be continued)


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