Truth be told, there is some weight to the term. French women do tend to have a singular effortlessness and a cool, inherent sense of chic. Although my heart wasn’t set on French girl style when I was coming up with this look, what I saw in the mirror was a kind of Coco Mademoiselle undone chic. What I’ve got working here is an eclectic mix between a lens-worthy dress I fell in love with the moment I saw it on the mannequin, white wedges and the season trend-fishnets. The look was starving for accessories so I pinned this extravagant Evita Peroni flower on the little hair my stylist has left me with. For decades everyone has been thinking about how to capture that je ne sais quoi manner of dress French women have. I think it’s really about how relaxed they actually feel inside, about their feeling no need to pretend whatsoever. They are, I think completely honest with themselves and with everyone around for that matter. Hence, their style, it seems to me. And I believe, part of the prize and appreciation here should go to French men for making their women feel that way. Who knows what would have the term „French girl style” meant if there wasn’t for the endless and incredibly thorough appreciation French men have for their women.

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