Since civilization, people have rocked different hairstyles. Hairstyles are quite important because they go some distance in defining an individual. However, stylists have found a way to keep hairstyle lovers awed for as long as they can. Every year both males and females flood stylists’ shops just to update their hair look and rock the latest trend. 2018 is not an exception. The early parts of 2018 have seen the emergence of some hair trends that stylists believe will be a huge impact and widely accepted in the course of the year. In case you do not know some of these trends, you are in luck because we are going to take a look at the top 15 hair trends that will be huuuuge in 2018!

The Shaggy and Cool Fringe

This hairstyle has been around for quite some time. Not that it is totally new; however, big modifications have been made to it. This hair trend is pushed forward by L’Oreal’s Matthew Collins who believes that the hair can last up to three weeks before the ‘fringe regret’ sets in.

The Soft Balayage

2018 is a year where top hair pros have decided to do away with bold placements on the base of your hair and to embrace the idea of adding the soft and natural pieces to it. The colors that are mostly used in this hair trend are subtle and meant to last for quite a short time.


The ‘70’s and 90’s influence’

This hair trend is characterized by a full lock of hair that mimics wave patterns. These wave patterns on the hair might be natural or not but the updo makes the hair look cool and gives you this ‘IDGAF’ look. The updo may look very much like the classics but it is not overdone.


Oh well! Many folks can’t seem to get enough of bangs as it is arguably the biggest hair trend of 2018. The good thing is bang blends with any update you might want to fit it into, whether short bangs or the micro bangs. Overall, the deal is to remodel the modern-day hairstyle to look slightly classical.


The Curly Shag

A hair trend that was really popular in the 80’s, the curly shag is making a huge comeback in the industry. It is at best when it looks really messy and voluminous, thus giving a

carefree look and a very intimidating large hairdo with an almost natural texture. Watch how this hairstyle boosts your confidence!

The Old Hollywood Blowout

This style has been around for quite some time now and it doesn’t look like it is going out of style in a long while. It is wavy, long and loose and has got top hair pro, Hawkins, predicting that it is unlikely that this style will not be huge in 2018. 

Jaw Length Cut

Cuts are seen as having a potential to be huge in 2018. Quite a good number of people are interested

in liberating themselves from many years of carrying the burden of long hair.

The sci-fi bob is a terrific style that is expected to trend for most parts of this 2018. Plus, some even say it’s a nod to feminism. “For years, there was a Victoria’s Secret, ‘pretty girl’ hair thing, but in some ways that is shifting. There’s something about the clean lines of a bob, particularly with bangs, that suggests a sci-fi setting. Despite the style dating back to the twenties (and being the defining hairstyle of the timeframe), they are still seen as a little bit rebellious and progressive. After all, Long Hair Is Feminine, so short styles can be shorthand for a more gender equal society.

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