It’s so wonderfully easy to do a photoshoot on a snowy day. Any look goes. As a kid, I remember, I used to love snow, all of us did. It was like snow carried happiness in itself. It’s one of the few absolutely beautiful things that do not carry a battlefield within. It’s neutral. It makes no demands on us whatsoever. It’s just there. It erases everything superfluous. There are no roads. No choices to make. There is nowhere to go except everywhere. I’m gonna go walk my dog now. I want to share the joy of snow with him. I really hope that looking at this photoshoot you’ll feel the happiness I felt while I was there. Sure, I want you to appreciate the outfit, I worked hard at putting it altogether as always, but today it’s all about the magic I couldn’t understand as a kid and I still can’t. You’ll find more about the look (it’s one I’m proud of) at the SHOP THE POST below, but before you get there, try and throw yourselves into the snow with me!

SHOP THE POST:  I actually put this look together because I’ve been waiting for the proper weather to wear these Skechers (similar here) the entire winter…and now, it’s finally here! So it all started from the shoes which by the way are so comfortable and warm I didn’t want to take them off when I came home! So then, the cool leggings came to mind and knee-high socks because they simply had to be there. It all came naturally after that. The over-sized sweater (similar here) and the over-sized expensive, cool but bum-looking coat (similar here affordable hereand the pom pom Armani hat, well they just made the perfect match. I added a long knit scarf  (affordable here) to the whole look to make it even more out of the blue than it already was. And it turned out to be one of my favorites. Let me know what you think…I did my best to select similar things for you to shop the post so go right ahead and click the links if you enjoy the look!


similar here

knee-high socks

over-sized sweater

similar here


similar here affordable here

long knit scarf

affordable here

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