Today I’d like to share my impressions from a good massage cream that I’m using on my posterior. We all want a beautiful round smooth booty because rumor has it that men pay even more attention to buttocks than they do to breasts. So us ladies work hard. Of course your most important thing is exercising regularly for that firm ass, otherwise it will give in to gravity- I talked about that in my post about  cellulite. But once we’ve got it good and round, what do we do about those nasty stretchmarks that come along with the territory? Well, to that question I offered some answers in my post The joy of not wearing stretchmarks. And if you read it then you know that the best part is you get to massage your buttocks regularly. But for that you need a good cream. I’ve tried quite a few and the best one yet proved to be Palmer’s, Cocoa Butter Formula, Massage Cream for Stretch Marks. The manufacturer positions the product as a massage cream for stretchmarks that appear before and after birth. But why take the narrow path? I use it to prevent the barely noticeable stretchmarks I already have on my posterior. And I recommend you do the same. Especially if you have a generous butt you could use this cream. If you have old stretchmarks, I don’t think that any cream will have an effect on them (it would naïve to believe that those old, well-established stretchmarks will disappear due to a cream, no matter how good it is), but I strongly believe that you can prevent new ones, and make the old ones less visible as the cream smoothens the skin. But to get that effect you have to use it regularly.

Overall, this is a good cream. It’s rich in Cocoa Butter, I love how it smells. It also contains Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Bio C-Elaste. It’s rather cheap too for such quality. Alright, this is all for today, see you all next time!

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