In Aesop’s fable “The Peasant’s wise daughter”, the king told a peasant’s daughter “Come to me not clothed, not naked, not riding…” and she arrived wearing a fisherman’s net. One will not argue that fishnets hold a unique place in fashion—they conceal and reveal at once, thus embodying the eroticism of the interplay of seen and unseen.  The wild, untamed sexiness, that kind of empowered femininity that fishnets carry place the wearer in the spotlight thus making it a tricky job to pull them off. But, in this new era when as McQueen said “fashion has no rules”, in an era where the only fashion crime is conformity, I assure you, you can pull off anything-just accept some advice, put your heart, soul and imagination into it and you never know when you wake up setting trends. So, let’s talk fishnets and how you can put them on display while they’re mainstream.

With fishnets you’re not going for something definite, you’re rather going for that “in-between factor”, that state of mind, soul and body that the great
Gia Carangi is recreating in this hall of fame fence pic – fully open and at the same time out of reach.

The outright impracticality of this garment makes it an It fashion item by definition.

So go ahead and wear them underneath your ripped jeans, with leather pants or skirts letting them waistband peak from under, with T-shirts or hoodies worn as dresses….or with those ’90s slip dresses. Pair them with
combat boots, strappy sandals, sneakers or knee-high boots. Hell, you can wear them with loose-knit, nearly-nude dresses, with white or
mismatched socks…whatever. Or, go ahead with something pretentious and elegant, some silk and feathers would close the deal.  But make sure you do it now, make sure you do it this season ‘cause bright lights burn twice as fast. And at the speed fishnets are spreading right now, we might be left with tiny hole fishnets with classic high heels and a classic dress or skirt next season.

Click here to see were this whole fishnets frenzy started. 

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