ARIES. Be blunt, don’t beat around the bush. When you’re dating an Aries you need to be very clear about how things stand, so DON’T FORGET to tell him directly how things stand. And one more thing: male Aries appreciates a woman with a bossy style as he likes the tension and being kept alert.

TAURUS. Rule nr. one: be honest and outspoken! Rule nr. two: the way to a Taurus’ heart lies through his stomach. For a Taurus man the ideal is the ultra-feminine and motherly caring woman. To get started, throw in the thought of long, romantic walks in open air. Taurus is going to love this idea!

GEMINI. These are sparkly, joyful and full of life people. The Gemini needs a partner that is also full of life, who radiates youth through their mind and style. To attract a Gemini, generate high spirits. Try to become their friend for starters and you’ll take it from there!

CANCER. To attract a male Cancer learn to understand him. The male Cancer is dreaming about a partner who will is going to have a motherly or a childish attitude towards him. And one more thing: the male Cancer is one of the zodiac signs that places a lot of emphasis on home and family: he is dreaming about meeting a woman who is as focused on family and children as he is.

LEO. His dream woman radiates from within, has a bright personality that impresses everyone around, a gorgeous and elegant woman. Leo can be seduced by a sophisticated, feminine and ambitious woman. Don’t just be expecting things to happen by themselves. On the contrary, act by the most reliable means: give him gifts, preferably something unusual, offer to visit some unusual place, preferably one that your companion will never forget, etc.

VIRGO. Virgo men simply dream that someone will fully take responsibility for the house and cope well with the role of wife and mother. To attract such a man, show him that you know and understand him better than anyone else. Be able to delicately prove to him the entire depth of your feelings and this will make the Virgo man follow you to the end of the world.

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