I’ve always believed that genius lies in simplicity and I’ve been striving towards it my whole life: in character, in manner and in style. I was fascinated by the simplicity and straightforwardness of African jewelry for the first time as a child, when my mother traveled to Cape Town and brought me several items from the local market. When I got the possibility to collaborate with Kipato Unbranded, which is a jewelry manufacturing brand from Kenya, I was absolutely thrilled as I could still remember my first impression of the African manufactured jewelry. The artists behind Kipato Unbranded have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and they clearly put their soul in their hand-made pieces. Taking a glance at this elegant brass bracelet and earrings I understand that the unnecessary has been eliminated, so that the necessary can speak. Bold and straightforward are the words to define the vibes that the Kipato Unbranded style exudes.

I took a day off from this hectic lifestyle of the 21st century just to lie in the sun, I really needed that. Of course I had my cool shades and hat to compliment my pool look, but I felt I needed something extra for ultimate sophistication. So I wore these brass accessories in golden and I loved them. I noticed that they are resistant to water and direct sunlight, so, what I recommend ladies, is that you add value to your gorgeous bathing suits (which I’m sure you’ve been hunting since winter) by adding these elegant, yet simple accessories. The idea here is to take your social grace to the beach or pool, but at the same time not look like you’re trying too much. And well, let’s be honest, wearing your bathing suit is one of those moments when you get to mesmerize the guys with what you’ve got from your mama and adding accessories to your look will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

All in all, I’m very excited and proud of my collaboration with Kipato Unbranded and I’m very happy to have discovered this absolutely unique pieces of jewelry. It’s very important to me to be able to share with you ladies such uncommon brands, that carry the rich African cultural heritage through the years, that show character and courage. They are affordable and ship worldwide which is great.


Bracelet here 

Earrings here

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