Overalls have always been one of my favorite fashion items since I was a little girl. Childish and sexy is a great combination for a woman to wear on any given day. What is truly amazing about overalls though, is their history in fashion. 

Having a life of their own and transcending classes to get to the high-end of fashion lines with countless appearances on runways, now that’s what I call a motivational success story.  Just stop and think about this triumph biography for a second: starting off buried deep in the lowest classes of the society, imprinted with the image of being the symbol of the poorest, a piece of clothing no self-respecting, well-off person would even turn their heads to look at, it grows to become the leading piece of every exclusive designer’s collection at a point in time. The overalls withstand two World Wars and the Great Depression with great dignity and come to truly claim their label as once set forth by the Levi, Strauss & Co.’s slogan “Never Rip, Never Tear”. Tough things last and so do tough people, unlinke tough times. So I look my fears in the eyes through a mirror, and I realize that inspiration can come from what I previously deemed only to be a source of flattery for my good looks.                    I can chose to look at these overalls now and see a fashion choice, a whim, another piece of evidence to my shopping addiction or I can see all the battles they went through and managed to not only stand their ground but conquer new one and only hope to be as tough as what I’m wearing today.



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