A third KIEHL’S product, and the last one I’m using right now and righting about is the Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25.

Sometimes you stumble across a skincare products and you immediately understand that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s been a real discovery to me. And I wanted to share this joyous experience of mine with all of you. So, without any shade of doubt, I am giving you one more must have product for a lady’s purse. The soft, nourishing and hydrating lip butterstick.

What does it provide for you? First of all-lip care, that proves to be more than just a lip balm. It has a dual effect on your lips- it hydrates and provides color! And it’s a very successful combination. It has great texture, flavor, smell and it has an SPF, hydrating effect and many other advantages I’ll talk about in a minute.

First of all, the butterstick contains nourishing coconut oil and lemon butter that are rich in antioxidants and protect the lip skin. It has a richer texture than lip balm, but it does not come with a waxing effect. It’s like you don’t feel it on your lips at all. That’s due to the fact that it melts and leaves your skin hydrated and smooth. It absorbs completely, leaving the color on the lips. You won’t experience that oily-greasy kind of feeling on your lips. Also, it provides and intense hydration to your lips. They look softer and smoother and more hydrated. So a lipstick and a lip balm in one product is pretty cool. You can safely expose your lips to the wind and cold weather now. It gives a very natural look to the lips and won’t give you that metallic, wet look. It’s somewhere between matte and glossy. It won’t dry your skin at all, like matte products usually do. Moving on: it provides an ideal, natural color to the lips that won’t look as if you’re wearing make-up. The berry shade (touch of berry) is perfect for my daily use, nut you can choose among beige, rosy or untinted. So, in the end, you’ll have beautiful lips, saturated with natural color, soft, hydrated and seductive. As for the scent: it is barely there (but nice), and it diffuses quickly. Due to the antioxidants, including the lemon butter and the broad spectrum SPF 25 it can be considered as lip treatment which can be used all year round. And it’s a great first step towards winter lip protection. The package is also great. The bottle is velvety. The cap screws to the bottle which is very comfortable. This way I know it’s always closed and is not making a mess in my purse.In a nutshell, it’s a very good product I’m fully satisfied with, and it’s a great product to have if you prefer to go out make-up free unless it’s something of a special day.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and see you all for my next post.

Love you all and thank you for reading and following!

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