When it comes to 2017 jewelry trends, too much is not enough. “Life’s too short to wear boring jewelry” is a statement particularly true of spring/summer 2017. It’s all big and crazy and futuristic in the jewelry section this season. Wanna keep the pace? Then I assure you, people Will definitely stare so make it worth their while. So, let’s start listing those crazy ideas and I tell you, it would be a sin not to put them into practice, because they’re simply gorgeous:

  1. First and foremost, my favorite, the single over-sized earring, because wearing a pair, that’s just so 2008. Fabric, metal, whatever, as long as it can be seen from a 100m distance with the naked eye, that’s what you’re looking for.
  2. Some of you might say that wearing bicycle chains, lighters, whistles, capsules, ropes, pens around your neck is garish, kitsch and borderline psychotic and partly you’re right, but this season you can get away with it. Eclecticism is one of the season’s main trends and not only are you not going to be hunted down by people in white scrubs while walking around the town like that, on the contrary, you’re gonna be the It girl, daring and provocative, rocking those crazy runway ideas.
  3. This season is gonna make a believer out of you, even if it’s for a short little while. Earrings, necklaces featuring crucifixes, all with a twist of course. A little unorthodox, I know but at how exquisite those pieces are, I really don’t think God’s gonna mind.
  4. Chokers…now that’s one sexy piece of jewelry by definition. Making a woman’s neck so vulnerable and yet so elegant. Velvet and silk are a little bit last season, but you can still wear them proudly. Still, this season designers have replaced the ribbons with leather thongs and metal straps. And I don’t know one single person crazy enough to not think that a metal strap around a woman’s neck is not one of the sexiest things you could wear.
  5. Have you been looking at a piece of jewelry thinking –“oh come on, I could never walk the streets with this wrecking ball hanging from my neck”…well, now’s the time for the over-sized, for the sautoir, the statement necklaces, it’s all exuberant out there…and while you’re at it, throw in some statement earrings with futuristic, graphic design, ‘cause this it’ll never be too much.
  6. One more crazy trend that I simply adore are the hybrid earring-necklaces. Madness? It sure is. Gorgeous? It sure is.

Other than that, go ahead and enjoy arm cuffs, fantasy ear cuffs, hoop and chandelier earrings, spikes mixed with pearls, multiple rings on one finger and other crazy stuff that comes to your mind because it’s fashion without borders baby!

And check out my blogger friend’s view on things…a bit different from mine, I gotta say but clearly providing an overview of who’s who and what’s what in the jewelry section at the moment

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