What do I wear when I’m really, really, really into someone? I mean, you know that feeling when you know you’re not only out there to impress tonight, but the “I’m going to be your girl no matter what it takes” feeling. When I get that vibe, I want the “little girl” look, the cute, the innocent, the “never been touched before” look. 

What are the basics for it? Easy-wear pink, wear feathers, wear breezy and wear sneakers. Feather earring are very S/S 2018 and pink is always the new black. The shoulder holes in the top bring about just a little bit of sexy which is enough for our purpose here. High waisted, washed denim is just there to complete the look. This look will have you feeling very comfortable and childish as it gives you the freedom you need and you don’t have to be very conscious of yourself with every movement you make :). Pink and light blue is a great combination and high waisted jeans will make you look taller. So, those in the tribe who are petite, y’all are very lucky this season, as high rise jeans are “it” right now! And, they make you look thinner of course 🙂 Add the golden-frame, round shades for a bit of retro glamour! But don’t forget, any look start with how you’re feeling inside:)

Speaking about childish vibes, these days I got to thinking about age difference in dating. When I was 18, I began dating a man twice my age. It was one the best experiences of my life. I learned so much and grew so fast that no one my age could have done that for me then. I dated a lot of boys/men my age since. Some experiences have been good, others…hm…not so good. But one thing I can tell you for sure: age difference was one of the things that brought myself and my boyfriend together then and it wasn’t age difference that determined us to break up. He was crazy and I was crazy, and it was the best short-term match ever :). So, my advice to you, after giving things a lot of reflection is-take pride in whomever the fuck you want to date and do it! Conformity is cowardice and public opinion is the opinion of those who weren’t asked for one. But love, it’s the only thing capable of triggering human vitality to such levels that impossible becomes nothing. Love is exclusivity and selection. Love is what I will always celebrate, in my life and in everyone else’s. And it’s the last thing worth trading in for conventionalities.

Wear pink, make love and relate to me in the comments below! Cheers XOXO

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