There are two important things every woman needs to know when it comes to face care: how to use a derma roller correctly and what skin care products to apply after the procedure for the best result. We’ll talk about the first matter in this post and we’ll discuss the second in another one.Now, if you’re still reluctant to use a derma roller, then you need to overcome the feeling and include the device in your routine. Periodically, I stumble across criticism against the device, but if you look closely you’ll see that it all comes from promoters of other rejuvenation methods, for instance those who try to advance Botox or its analogues. Personally, I’m very skeptical towards everything that renders muscles immobilized, because the beautiful effects of the procedure don’t last long, while in time, muscles that “sleep” lose tone and the contour of the face changes for the worse. I think the harder we train muscles (irrespective of their location), the more beautiful a woman is. In terms of wrinkles, there are alternatives in the fight against them, and one of these alternatives is the Dermaroller. It actually is a revolutionary device. It does the same work as lasers and other ablative resorts, and it stimulates collagen production. How does this happen? Using its micro-needles, the device produces thousands of microscopic channels in the skin, which enhances the regeneration processes of the skin. And what’s most important-all of this is safe. In time, new collagen and new cells are produced and the blood supply is enhanced. All of this, leads to better-looking skin overall. Also, these microscopic channels that a formed contribute to a better penetration of any therapeutic serums (e.g. anti-acne) that you might be using. Clinical trials undertaken in Europe, the U.S. and South Korea have proved that the absorption of therapeutic serums increases 1000 times when used with Derma roller. The same clinical trials have indicated that derma roller treatment is more efficient in rendering elasticity to the skin than IPL-rejuvenation or any other procedures of such kind.

How often can we use the dermaroller? Well, it all depends on the types of needles you’re using. If you’re using the 0.25mm, you can do it daily, as the aim of this procedure is to enhance the absorption of nourishing elements into the skin.  This means that if you use the dermaroller before applying your soft hydrating face cream than it will be far more efficient and your face will never go dry. If you’re using 0.5mm needles, it all depends on the type of skin you have. If it is thin and irritated than don’t do the procedure more often than once a month. But if you decide to use 1.0mm needles or even more, than for sure, irrespective of your skin type, don’t do it more than once a month. Also, don’t apply 0.5 needles on the area around your eyes. Just stick to the 0.25mm for that one. And, just to be on the safe side, if you want needles longer than 1.0mm it is better to have it done by a professional.

This chart will guide you in choosing the ideal or suitable needle length for your skin condition.


Increase absorption of skin serums Fine lines and eye area Wrinkles Mild chicken pox & ice pick scars Light stretch marks, cellulite & acne scarring Deep stretch marks, cellulite & acne scarring
0.5 mm I/L I/L S/L I/L IN/ L IN/ L
1.0 mm S/L S/L I/L I/L I/L S/L
1.5 mm S/L S/L S/L S/L I/L I/L

I/L – Ideal lenght

S/L – Suitable lenght

IN/ L – Ineffective lenght

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