Hand eczema improved after 1 week (has provided more relief than all the steroid prescription creams); works better on psoriasis than prescription creams; I have very rough heals. This cream cuts right thru the rough spots to make my heals smooth again; today is 6 days of use, and my wife and co workers cannot believe how my hands look and feel, compared to the bumpy, dry, irritated hands I once had.

I’m sure you’d all agree that one of the most important products in a woman’s routine is an effective hand cream. And now I’m saying loud and clear that I have found one: Savannah Bee Company Inc, Beeswax Hand Cream. It’s perfect, starting with the jar and box to the ingredients, so it’s become my favorite overnight. 

First of all it’s of excellent quality, with a very rich and healthy composition, all natural ingredients. Judging by the composition I think it would be safe even for babies.  It’s made with real bees wax. It also contains royal jelly which is well known for slowing down the ageing process, accelerating tissue regeneration and having an antibacterial effect. Propolis is also an ingredient there so I would say that adds up to quite an impressive composition. But hear this: it also carries cacao seed butter, shea butter, glycerin, aloe vera leaf juice, olive oil, sweet almond oil, d-panthenol (vitamin B5), blueberry and cocoa extracts, honey.

Second of all  it has quite a texture: thick but soft and not greasy (kinda like butter or ice cream). It is very easy to apply, absorbs quickly into the skin leaving a barely there protective film.

Moving on I can tell you that this cream is an excellent at moisturizing and nourishing. Your hands will look different right after your first use, they become soft and hydrated, all roughness and reddening will disappear. The velvet feel it gives to your hands will last quite long. I don’t feel the need to apply it over and over throughout the day.

The smell is very pleasant and subtle. A little bit like milk and honey. It contains no aromatizers, no doubt about it. It has this natural cream smell.

I use it both: day and night. It’s a life saver during harsh winter weather. And the vintage box is simply adorable. The jar inside the box is also very nice so it would make a lovely gift. Since I fell in love with the cream I decided to find out more about the company which makes it: Savannah Bee Company. As it turns out, it was founded by a bee-keeper. The company has its own bee-garden and beside honey-based cosmetic products it also sells high quality organic honey. This cream is one of the company’s bestsellers.


So the bottom line is that this cream is the best one I tried in years and it’s a definite must-have. Alright, that’s all for today, see you all next time and make sure to enjoy the last days of summer!

By the way: To produce one pound of beeswax, honeybees ingest six to eight pounds of honey!

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