Is it absolutely necessary that a woman should be all sparkly, covered in lace and sequin in order to be a queen on New Year’s Eve celebration? Even though many trendsetters tend to believe that flashy fabrics will make a woman more feminine and attractive, it seems to me that it only leads to a competition on who’s reflecting more light on that evening. That, my friends, might seem to you like quite a cheap way to draw attention, and it is! Of course, designers will have their models walk down the runway in amazing evening gowns made of fabrics that draw attention on their own, but let’s not forget that such a fabric, in the absence of the high-end design, will just look like a curtain wrapped around a woman. And naturally, it’s ridiculous to go spending thousands of dollars on a party look for just one evening so girls tend to resort to popular brands that reproduce the runway looks but with cheaper fabrics and cheaper designs. The point is that, it won’t make you unforgettable, it will make you like the rest, at best. So, what I suggest is that you take a shot at the power of simplicity, yet again. Take for instance, the look below. It’s a Mango Committed dress, made from organic cotton. It’s the perfect example of the miracles that can result from simplicity. Such pieces will have you stand out from the crowd. Using organic, recyclable fabric, Mango managed to make this extravagant, futuristic, fashion forward and simply amazing gown that reveals without exposing, is tight enough to show you’re a woman but still loose enough to show you’re a lady. It is part of a new line launched by Mango in the beginning of 2017-Mango Committed. The fabrics used in the range are environmentally-friendly: organic and recycled cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel ®, and are dyed with environmentally-friendly inks in a palette of neutral colors.

In a nutshell, me and this dress, it was love at first sight between us, and since it’s Mango, you can find it at a price of 70 euro which is a very reasonable price for a New Year outfit. You can play on fabric contrast a bit, and wear sparkly shoes, that are very popular this season. I found this pair of Sacha knee-high boots that I just loved for the look. A cap to complete the look and I was good to go. Hope this has been helpful. Let me know what looks you prefer for winter parties! You can even post some of the outfits on my website for a better outlook on this year’s preferences! Have a great time on New Year’s Eve and see you in 2018 for more posts!

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