Hey everyone! It’s been some time since we talked fashion, sorry about that, I’ll make up for it, I promise! This post is a review of the www.dresslily.com online fashion store. Within a recent cooperation with them, I have received some fashion items for review. I chose the items myself, and I am quite satisfied with what I received. But let’s start with the beginning.  Continue Reading

Homemade mayonnaise is a crucial ingredient to this recipe as well as for a few others that I posted previously. Today I’m handing over to you folks the recipe for a healthy and tasty homemade mayonnaise. Both recipes are a living proof that good fat can taste great! And a tip: only use high quality oil when preparing your mayonnaise! Continue Reading

Rule nr. 13: Never fight via SMS! That’s the road to hell! Continue Reading

Rule nr. 9: After a fight, don’t go to sleep without having made-up Continue Reading

Rule nr. 5: Don’t get distracted by details Continue Reading


The biggest mistake you can do is think that people who are strongly committed to each other never fight. It’s quite the opposite. They fight, but their fights make their relationships even stronger. Is it a paradox? Nope! It’s just the art of fighting the right way. Continue Reading

The waves of the sea make me go back to me, so when the proposal came “let’s hit the road for a trip to the sea” I didn’t think twice. I think I hallucinated the person who suggested the idea though, because he was our loyal chauffeur back and forth and then just like a loyal chauffeur he would disappear from the sight as not to be of any disturbance. Still, my friends and I were happy to be by the sea. Everyone’s soul needed a talk with the sea and we gave into it. 

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As trivial as it might sound, the best sun protection out there is about wearing hats, sunglasses and clothes. You can also rely on zinc oxide and astaxanthin in that respect. And then there is sunscreen, which you shouldn’t actually rely on. For decades, doctors and media have been recommending the use of sunscreen before going outside. Why then, one might wonder, the incidence of cancer cases has increased dramatically since people started using sunscreen? Well, all these specialists avoid talking about the specific types of sunscreen that are actually efficient for their purpose. How often have you heard recommendations on how to efficiently “use” sunscreen in order to protect yourself from skin cancer and at the same time increase levels of vitamin D, which is so important for your health and plays a vital role in preventing melanoma. 

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Since civilization, people have rocked different hairstyles. Hairstyles are quite important because they go some distance in defining an individual. However, stylists have found a way to keep hairstyle lovers awed for as long as they can. Every year both males and females flood stylists’ shops just to update their hair look and rock the latest trend. 2018 is not an exception. The early parts of 2018 have seen the emergence of some hair trends that stylists believe will be a huge impact and widely accepted in the course of the year. In case you do not know some of these trends, you are in luck because we are going to take a look at the top 15 hair trends that will be huuuuge in 2018!

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It’s a beautiful place we went to this weekend, it’s got a high-end pool area and a restaurant, a wine celery and glamorous rooms to stay the night. Outside of the walls, it’s a village, the most left behind village you can ever imagine. I fed two dogs with something I bought from a place licensed to sell food to people and to be honest I was a bit afraid the dogs would be poisoned by that. I told my mother: 

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