STEP 4 –concealer: I suggest you use the  Perfecting stick concealer Long Lasting от Shiseido. It contains a high amount of pigment, from where I stand it’s a lucky formula that is efficient in camouflaging discoloration, unevenness, spots and other flaws. It has a prominent creamy consistency but does not generate that greasy look we all hate so much, moreover it blends seamlessly into the skin. If the skin under your eyes is very dry-you need to hydrate it very well before applying the concealer. And more: if you have visible wrinkles under your eyes-the greasy effect might occur, so you should use this concealer on your face,  while those who have relatively smooth skin under their eyes can  apply it on that area as well.


STEP 5. After applying the concealer, we will use the concealer highlighter Highliter Concealer (например производства It Cosmetics) for the strobing effect. This concealer is quite



dense, but if you use a foundation sponge to apply it, it will spread well on the needed areas. This is how it’s done: apply under the eyebrow, from the middle to the end of the brow bone, but do not step on the eyelid. Then, draw a thin line on the nose, starting from the nasal bridge up to the nose tip, and then along the centerline over the upper lid. Then close your eyes and apply a bit of cream on the inner corner of the eye using a very thin brush (you can advance a bit along the lower lid if you want to), afterwards do a stroke downwards from the temple along the cheek bone to the nasolabial folds (you can also apply a stroke on the corners of your mouth on the middle of your chin).

STEP  6. After the highlighting concealer apply e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder right under your eyes (light diffusing powder that will secure the highlighting concealer).

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Seeking the perfect make-up. My step by step experience (1-3)

Step 1. Apply DAX Cashmere Secret Glam Smoothing and Illuminating Base Primer. It’s a gel that will have the foundation spread evenly over it, while the skin remains smooth and silky.

Step 2. Apply the BB cream (I suggest using Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB cream SPF 25 от Jane Iredale (Jane Iredale Glow time BB cream)). This cream has a different approach from traditional color moisturizers, with upsides that are worth using it. This cream is quite thick. It is important to apply it correctly: if you apply too much, because of its thickness, you might end up with a chalky and sticky appearance.  But if you apply it the right way-it will provide you with a full, excellent coverage, smooth, velvety texture and moisturizing effect (apply a bit of cream on three fingers, rub your fingers to warm up the cream and apply to face by dotted movements of the fingers).

Step 3.  After having applied the BB cream, go ahead and apply the Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation from Physicians Formula for your finishing touch. It’s a formula containing minerals, soothing plant extracts, smoothing antioxidants and skin nourishing vitamins. All of these will give you moisturizing and brightening effects. It’s also very important that the powder is talc-free.

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Seeking natural skincare…

It was quite a task for me to find a face cream that would actually hydrate my skin and at the same contain only natural components. My skin is dry. After several failed attempts I decided to settle for AnnMarie Borlind. Not all but most of its ingredients are natural. And many of her products actually work.

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Italy story, part II

Since my Italy story appealed to you so much, I decided to stick to the topic. Basically, the day following my arrival, Alina took me to the showroom. I must admit I was a bit anxious as I did not know what I was going to see there and I could never in a thousand lives put on an outfit that is not in tune with my soul.

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Eat, pray, love

I cannot but start my Italy travel story with Hemingway’s widely known quote „Never go on trips with anyone you do not love”. One of the greatest things about Hemingway is that he speaks from personal experience thus telling things so simple and so true. So when I headed for Milan, it was to see a person very dear to me. Our friendship has survived time and distance and still has us getting on planes to each other. When you don’t get on

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The joy of not wearing stretch marks

Story at-a-glance

– There are numerous stretch mark remedies on the market today, with some even claiming that they can make these marks disappear in a few days or weeks. The bad news is that despite their high cost, many of these products don’t even work

– Avoiding stretch marks is a matter of staying hydrated and keeping your skin moisturized.

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7 amazing tips on how to keep your skin young

It’s not enough that time is playing against us, we ourselves, everyday make mistakes that ruin our skin. We pull our skin in all directions when cleansing it, when applying face creams, we dry it by washing our faces under hot water. By incorrectly applying face creams and other rejuvenating  serums, not only do we decrease their efficiency, we ruin our skin. Senta Maria Runge once came with some simple but very important advice on how to correctly cleanse the skin and apply face cream. That way you will also be providing your skin with a soft massage everyday. You can turn this advice into a habit easily and gain a few more years of youth.

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