I’ve always been into leaving my home in whatever I was wearing. Actually my disregard for public opinion reached such heights that I went to university exams and restaurants in pajamas. I’ve always been naturally free of the gravity of what people think, I made no effort to be like this. Being in favor of breaking the rules, I was really excited to see designers coming up with these gorgeous pajama sets designed for outwear. I was immediately attracted to the trend. Now, on how I think it’s best to wear it:

First of all, you can wear it with heels or flats, it really makes no difference. The look is so inappropriate for streetwear that it does not fit any rule frames so you can actually pair it with any shoes and it will still work by contrast. The matching set (similar here, here and here) obviously leaves the deepest impression on the eye, but if it’s too much for you, pair a lace camisole or a silk robe with jeans and it will still be unconventional and sexy as hell. I don’t suggest accessorizing too much with this trend.

Your street footwear, sunglasses and purse already make enough statement when paired with lounge wear. Your everyday rings and a subtle necklace will suffice in terms of jewelry. A pajama set will compliment basically any body shape and what’s even more important: it’s good for the soul.

Let me know if you’d wear the trend or it’s too much for you, and if you have any styling question, I’ll be happy to give you an answer in the comments below.

Pajama set (affordable)

Pajama set (gonna be on a financial diet this month)

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