I’m finally home after a two-week holiday by the sea. Mentally I’m still there daydreaming about the careless life in the sun. Things at home are not exactly as I might have hoped for the moment so I’d rather take advantage of the small window of opportunity left to stay a bit behind. So in this post I’ll be doing some more summer outfits before skipping to the multi-layered season of the year. The first look I put together started with my admiration for Elisabetta Franchi brand and this torn jeans in particular. I paired them with the lovely Twinset sandals and a Twinset feathered shirt. Wear the black bralette underneath and you’re good to go. And you’ll also have something special for your boyfriend, when you’re undressing in the evening. The second outfit is also Twinset, as I’m a big fan of the brand which I’m sure you’ve already noticed. This dress amazes with its simplicity. The color, the shape, the length, the fabric….it’s perfect. It’s got all that it needs and nothing in excess. Hope you like the looks, let me know what you think in your comments. Even though, amid September, I’ve still got that summertime sadness, fashion, beauty and you guys are always on my mind.


and see you soon…

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