“Do I ever do anything right?” you ask…of course, sometimes…men truly in love usually try so hard that the laws of probability wouldn’t have it any other way. But then, there are days like this one when you get it all right…Love has a language of its own and when you bring me coffee it’s actually love happening. You take me shooting and you give me a gun…I learn that not only am I not afraid of loving a man, I’m not afraid of shooting him either. I’m dizzy with excitement and now I know that I could never enjoy talking to someone as much as I would enjoy shooting them. You suggest we have a beer or two afterwards and again you make no mistakes. What on earth could match the honesty of a gun? True…beer…and maybe sex but only if done by the book. Beer is devoid of hypocrisy, fine manners and charade that’s why I enjoy its company so much. We go for a ride, you take pics of me…contrary to my belief, you say I look good in them. We talk for hours and we don’t run out of words. You know you won’t be seeing me tomorrow so you make sure I won’t have any desire to see someone else. No mistakes…just honesty.

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