The trends raging right now in women’s fashion do not always bring out the woman in you. They’re great, they’re cool, fun to wear, very stylish but there are days when you just want to first be a woman. That’s when the romantic, ultrafeminine takes over and I just give in to something as ethereal as this white dress from Stefanel. And as elegance is dominating my mood and outfit, there’s hardly anything that can bring more elegance to your look than a French style scarf covering the hair. As for the shoes, if you’re dressed to kill this season, it means you’re wearing sneakers which in my case have balanced out the look perfectly ‘cause I didn’t want to oversweeten it. Turns out, Benetton has some pretty cool sneakers in stock. So there you go, once more reassured that in spite of masculine tailoring being in charge of women’s fashion right now, romance is alive and well and probably will be for as long as walking around town naked is going to be frowned upon.

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