Let’s talk about that moment when winter is coming but you just don’t want to admit it so you don’t resort to your warmer clothes. Instead you try to cover yourself up as much as possible with your summer ones. That’s what I did today. For a while longer we will all walk around half-naked trying to maintain that summer state of mind while trembling with cold and borrowing jackets from our male friends who seem to be more into accepting the unavoidable. Still, autumn will not skip its turn and neither will the inevitable in life. And when the moment comes to say proper goodbyes to the season of freedom it is important that we do it with style. It is important that our autumn wardrobe shows the world that style is eternal. Just as important as the smile we put on while making a U-turn in life, thus showing the world that within us there is an invincible summer. So, at the end of yet another beautiful summer-no hard feelings, no regrets…with grace I say to the warm weather, green grass and all else that will not be joining me in the season of change “I bow to the divine in you”.

P.S. As I’m going to the seaside in a few days, I get to pretend it’s still summer for two more weeks so stay tuned for some more of those careless outfits and summer vibes.

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