What if you’re more of a contouring girl? Well then, this step is for you, contouring followers out there! What is the difference between contouring and strobing? 

I wrote about that in one of the previous posts. Contouring is a combination of darker shades in the outline of the skin that sort of sculpt the face with lighter ones that will highlight the cheekbones. Strobing on the other hand is a technique becoming more and more popular and uses only light shades to give expression to the face, no bronzer or dark powder.
All in all, you are repeating the steps of contouring, leaving out the steps that sculpted your face and go straight to the highlighter stick. We’ve already talked about strobing in Step 5 of the series so now, for those who prefer contouring:

Step 9: Apply the darker shades under your cheekbones, the sides of your nose, upper part of your forehead, lower contour line of your face, and the hairline. Apply the lighter shades on your cheekbones under the contouring, under your eyes, center-line of your nose, under the eyebrows, along the naso-labial folds, under/above your lips and the centerline of your chin-using for instance the NYX wonder stick (it is easy to use even for those who don’t yet have the experience of applying contouring).

Step 10. Next step: enhance the effect of the lighter strokes that you applied with the highlighter stick by using Illuminating powder.




NYX wonder stick

Illuminating powder


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